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      Helmick Metal Roofing

       We have you covered

Helmick Metal Roofing sells:

  • custom cut metal panels in 19 different colors/textures

  • color match screws and silicone

  • underlayment and inner/outer closures

  • a variety of other tools/accessories to finish the job

Color Chart


Take your pick

19 color choices

7 textured color choices

Galvalume also available


AG Panel


40 year warranty

Panels offer 3 ft of coverage

29 gauge metal

Cut to any length with no upcharge for 1/2"


Made to Order

All trim is 10' standard length

Select pieces can be cut at 12'

Need a custom piece?

Supply us with a drawing and we can make it for you! 


40 year warranty

Helmick Metal Roofing supplies quality coated 29 ga. Galvanized Metal panels with trim and hardware.

AG Panel



All screws are color matching:

- different sizes available

- 3/4 head with hi-lo thread and 1/2" bonded washer

- pro cap screws offered with a 40 year warranty

-metal to metal also available upon request


-Inside and Outside closures offer a tight seal

-3/8" Butyl Tape for sticking down edges

-Regular and split boots available in different sizes and temperatures

-Color match Solar Seal 

Our show room also supplies a small variety building accessories

-decking screws, nut drivers, caps

-turbo shears, roofing nailer, palm nailer,snips

-metal handling gloves

Roofing Guide

This image will give you a good idea of what trim pieces you will be needing and where they will go.

If you have a tricky area not listed here you can provide us with a picture and we can create a piece specific to your job.

Contact Us

Here a Helmick Metal Roofing we pride ourselves on our customer care. We try to help our customers every step of the way. If you're a do-it-yourself type, you can call us with any questions about installation even after you've picked up your order. We cater to each customers individual needs as much as possible. 

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Call us today at  304-363-3520 or 304-367-5589


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